MLM Tips - Qualities of a Great LeaderAnother great MLM Tip is to be a student of becoming a great Leader.  I believe that anyone can build a team, but only those who become great leaders can build great organizations.

MLM Tips – 5 Qualities of Great Leadership

The first MLM Tip on leadership is that a great leader has the highest level of integrity.  Below are 5 more qualities of leaders that raise inspiration in others.

    To be an inspirational leader, you must adopt an attitude of service toward those you lead. This requires laying aside selfish interests to add value to another person. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” When you serve, you awaken something magnetic inside of you. People are drawn to follow you because they know you’ll find ways to make them better.
    To inspire means to have a positive view of others. If we’re not careful, we become fault-finders, magnifying the flaws in everyone around us. Instead, leaders should emulate gold prospectors – always on the lookout for potential gold mines. When they find traces of ore, prospectors assume there’s a rich vein to unearth, and they start digging. In the same fashion, leaders ought to search for the best traits within a person and commit to uncovering them. One of the best applications of this idea is expressed in what I call the 101 percent principle: Find the one thing that you believe is a person’s greatest asset, and then give 100 percent encouragement in that area. Focusing on a person’s strengths inspires them by promoting confidence, growth, and success.
    Great inspirers know the desires of those they lead. As much as people respect the knowledge and ability of their leaders, these are secondary concerns for them. They don’t care how much their leaders know until they know how much their leaders care. When leaders attend to the deeply felt needs of their team, the determination and commitment of each team member skyrockets.
    Leaders inspire by intentionally investing time in the people they lead. They make themselves available. People cannot be nurtured from a distance or by infrequent spurts of attention. They need a leader to spend time with them – planned time, not just a conversation in passing. In our fast-paced and demanding world, time is a leader’s most precious commodity. While it feels costly to give up, nothing communicates that you value a person more than the gift of your time. In addition, investing time to develop others has a way of reaping dividends. As Ralph Waldo Emerson remarked, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”
    To inspire, leaders have to be genuine. More than anything else, followers want to believe in and trust their leaders. However, when leaders break promises or fail to honor commitments, they reveal themselves as being inauthentic, and they lose credibility. Trust rests upon a foundation of authenticity. To gain trust, a leader must consistently align words and deeds, while showing a degree of transparency.


Great leadership can be confused with momentary charisma. By modeling the five qualities of a great leader, I trust that you’ll win the respect of those you lead and earn the right to influence them.

I hope these MLM Tips on leadership have helped you.   I would encourage you to visit John Maxwell’s web site and read some of his books on leadership.  There is a big difference between a manager and a Leader, which would you rather be.


MLM Tips - The Importance of Events


MLM Tips - The Importance of Events

If you want to make a lot of money in MLM and build a big organization, then you have to learn How To Maximize Events.

Eric Worre author of “Go Pro” believes that this is the most important skill you can and should master.

MLM Tips – 3 Key Concepts concerning Events

  1. How Important Events are.
    1. Meetings Make Money
    2. The Highest Paid Skill in MLM
    3. Physical Interaction is Important
    4. Builds Belief
    5. Social Proof
    6. You Need to Understand and Teach Others
  2. How to Get More People to Attend
    1. More People at 1 on 1′s and 2 on 1′s
    2. More People at your Small Group Events
    3. More People at your Virtual Events
    4. More People at your Local Events
    5. More People at Regional Events
    6. More People at Major Company Events
    7. Some of the Reasons People Don’t Show Up
      1. They Never Intended to.
      2. You haven’t shown them enough value.
      3. They just got busy…. Life got in the way.
      4. Once Home they just lost motivation to get up and leave again.
      5. Maybe there were nervous about meeting new people or strangers
      6. Maybe just the unknown
    8. Some Key Concepts for Inviting
      1. Enthusiasm***
      2. Energy
      3. Urgency
      4. Compliment Them
      5. Commitment
      6. Follow Up
      7. Assignments
      8. Accountability
    9. Become a Master Promoter
      1. Posers Announce
      2. Amateurs Invite
      3. Professionals Promote
    10. Small Group & Local Events
      1. Prospects AND Distributors
      2. You need to answer Why should they attend?
      3. What’s in it for them?
      4. The Support me approach
      5. Targeted inviting – a demographics
      6. The secret to inviting is in the details
    11. Inviting to Trainings, Calls, Webinars
      1. Prospects AND Distributors
      2. You need to answer Why should they attend?
      3. What’s in it for them?
      4. How will it help them build there team and wealth
      5. How it will it help build there team
      6. You need to give them strong reasons to attend!
    12. Regional Events
      1. Prospects AND Distributors
      2. You need to answer Why should they attend?
      3. What’s in it for them?
      4. How will it help them build there team and wealth
      5. How it will it help build there team
      6. You need to give them strong reasons to attend!
    13. Inviting to National Conference Events  (Big MLM Tips)
      1. This is where the huge magic occurs….
      2. Formula – You will earn approx $1000/year per person that you get to attend a National Conference Event.
      3. You can never miss one
      4. You have to know how many are attending from your group
      5. You have to have strong goals for increasing that number at every new event.
      6. These events change lives!
    14. The Promotional Tool Box
      1. More Committed
      2. Demonstration
      3. Intensity
      4. Laser focus
      5. Repetition
      6. Verbal Commercial
      7. Vision
      8. Game Plan
      9. Tell Stories – the pain of missing and the gain of being there
      10. Recognition
      11. Peer Pressure
      12. Accountability
      13. Competition
      14. Contests
      15. Incentives
      16. Campaigns
      17. Problem Solving for your team and prospect
      18. Challenge People
      19. Assignments… Email when completed
      20. Expectations – Make this the norm and expected
  3. How to Maximize the Event
    1. Always Be Prepared
    2. Focus Is Key
    3. Have A Clear Purpose
    4. Teach Others

These are the key points from a webinar that I was on with “Go Pro” Author Eric Worre and I believe these MLM Tips when put to use and becoming a Master at Events, Will Change Your Business Forever!

So let’s change this profession by becoming a PRO at what we do.

Here’s what I want you to do …. I want you to click this link so I can show you a company with a product that everyone loves and makes it so much easier to get your team and prospects to EVENTS!  What would you do if you had an inherent YES product in the largest industry in the WORLD!

I hope this has been helpful and you will share it to your friends and team.


MLM Tips - 5 tips for the New Network MarketerHere are 5 MLM Tips that will help you build  your business if you are new to Network Marketing.  These are some of the most well known MLM tips in Network Marketing, but most people just forget or overlook them.

MLM Tips – 5 MLM Tips to help the NEW Network Marketer

I want to share with you today the 5 MLM Tips that I believe all new people should use to begin building their new business.

  1. Go for the NO! – This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that I made in the beginning.  I created my list and then started to prejudge who I thought would and who wouldn’t.If I had just taken the list and started calling regardless of what I thought they may do or not do, I would have built my business I lot quicker.  

    Getting those NO’s do a number of things for you.   First, you get the experience of just making calls and talking to people.   Second, you develop the ability to not be tied to the result which is huge.I was on a webinar with my upline the other day, Ray Higdon, and the whole training was on calling your list of NO’s.  This is just a great MLM Tip for the person starting out… you will develop that Rhino skin and not be tied to the outcome.

  2. Learn How to Invite – Our only job in the beginning is to get eyes in front of our presentation, whether it’s online, offline, one on one, or a home party.How do we get people in front of our presentation?  WE INVITE THEM!  So developing a great invite is crucial in the beginning.  Y

    es it is more important than learning everything you can about the company, product, comp plan….I personally like the 4 step invite approach our company teaches.  It’s short and to the point.  We don’t have time to spill our guts to people to get them in front of our presentation.  

    Most new people throw up all over their prospects because they just haven’t been taught any better and they are so excited.So learn a SHORT but effective invite and become an expert at that.

  3. Be Coachable – This is a very important MLM Tip for the new person.  DON’T reinvent the wheel.  You have leaders in your company that have been successful and already know what works and what doesn’t.  

    Get your business off the ground and self expanding before you start trying to do things better.Your upline coaches will be willing and able to help you because that’s the way MLM is designed.  The more people I help the more I help myself.  So they have a vested interest in helping you get successful.  Just Be Coachable!!!!

  4. Attend Events – I know you have all heard this time and time again, but that’s because it’s important.  When you hear something once or twice you may think that this may  or may not be a good idea.  

    When you hear the same thing over and over from ALL the TOP EARNERS then you need to sit up listen and DO!This again is critical, and not just for you to attend, but to take a team with you.  The one who gets the most people to events WINS!  So again just get to events.

  5. DON’T QUIT/Personal Growth – I know this seems kinda of silly, but I can tell you from a lot of years of experience that most people quit just before things are going to break for them.Be consistent, work you business everyday and DON’T QUIT and you will succeed.  Sure you will have you ups and downs and there will be days that you just don’t want to talk to another person or do another meeting, or go to another event.  Those are the days that you should and I promise you will be much better off if you do.
    Personal growth is a must.  If you don’t get better your business won’t get better.  I read, listen, and watch everyday to better myself and who I am, not only in my business but as a person.  My personal favorite book BIBLE.  That’s just me.  There are tons out there and they all have something to offer, but only if you pick them up and read.

So if you are a new person to MLM I sure hope these few tips have helped you out.  The Network Marketing profession is not a difficult one it just takes a commitment and the ability to be consistent and become a professional.  It’s really no different than any other career you would pursue.

Make a change today and make the choice to build your business big and change the legacy for you and your family.

10 Reasons Why I Joined World Ventures


World Ventures
The 10 reasons why I joined World Ventures are only the tip of the Iceberg. World Ventures is a company of integrity, vision, commitment and leadership.




10 Reasons Why I Joined World Ventures


To the right you will see the 10 reasons why my Wife and I joined World Ventures.  Any one of these is pretty powerful, but when you put them all together what you end up with is an incredible company and an incredible team.

I’ve been with my primary company now since late 2009 and had no intention of changing companies.  That company was Numis Network and I’m still with them and in fact on August 1st they merged with World Ventures a great travel company.

Since we switched over with the merge our team and company has been exploding.  You see Travel is an inherent YES business.  Everyone wants to go on travel.


  1. DreamTrips
  2. Price Guarantee
  3. Rate Shrinker
  4. Travel Bucks
  5. Refer 4 Pay No More
  6. Vacation Savings Program
  7. BMW Program
  8. DreamTrips Mall
  9. Volunterism
  10. Work with the Top Team in the Company


Below is a great video explaining most of these reasons by my upline and mentor Ray Higdon.  After you watch and read I encourage you to visit our site and just take 14 minutes and check it out.


All I can say is, this is an incredible company and we are on an awesome team.

Our Leadership:

  • Troy Brown & Jeff Bolf – Top Earners in the company
  • Chris Kent, Jake Kevorkian, Ian Cordell – Owners of Numis Network
  • Ray & Jessica Higdon – Top Earners in Numis
  • Jimmy Ezzell – Long Time Network Marketing Leader and my Sponsor

Now that’s a power house of leadership, integrity and commitment to the success of others.  So I would love you to hook you wagon with our team, but if this business is not for you take some time to look at our product.

Hope to see you on the beaches of the world.


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Duplication Will Build Your Nation


Duplication will build your NationIf you are the type of person that just has to do it all yourself then this post is not for you.  If, on the other hand, you want to leverage your time and efforts then Duplication is a must.

Duplication means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel just use a simple system and teach your team to do the same.

Duplication will build your Home Business Nation

People you meet along this journey will want to know if they can build their business.  They need to know that they don’t have to be an expert speaker, or a master salesperson or an expert at something.  They just need to know that it’s easy and that they will be able to do it.

This is where duplication comes in.  If you have a system that allows for the average everyday person to easily duplicate then you have a winner.

When I first got involved with a Home Business I felt like I had to learn everything about the business.  I developed paralysis of analysis and didn’t accomplish as much as I could have.

People that I showed the business to felt like they had to do the same thing I had done and became overwhelmed with the thought of learning all of that stuff.  So, because of that I was only to build a mediocre business, instead of a great business.

Well along with age comes experience and knowledge.  Here’s what I have found, the easier and more duplicatable your system is the bigger you will grow your business.

So DUPLICATION is not an option it is a MUST!  If you are working your business doing fancy marketing, doing elegant presentations, spending tons of money on difficult technical systems that are hard to learn, you are seriously missing the boat.

Here’s what I consider a duplication system. “Just Push Play” with a DVD or website.  Who do you know that can’t do that, anyone.  Now when I sit down with someone and just Push Play they tell me, that’s pretty easy… I can do that!

So here’s what I want you to do.  If you are currently in a Network Marketing company, I want you to evaluate your system and honestly judge whether your system is really Duplicatable.  If you find that you don’t have a system like that I encourage you to contact me and let me show you the simplest and most duplicatable system you can find.

If you are not working with a company or are looking for a company to connect with then you need to contact me NOW.


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